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Welcome to Howtotalk! Join the waitlist and get notified when the English version of the Howtotalk app is live. We really appreciate your patience and can’t wait to welcome you – we truly believe this method will transform the relationship you have with your child/ren.


    About Howtotalk.

    ✨Howtotalk is here to help you build a strong, positive relationship with your child (4-18 years)
    ✨In turn your child will become more independent, self-confident, and develop a positive self-image.
    ✨ Teaching over 20,000 parents and professionals
    ✨We have been researching, training, and developing our method for over 15 years in the Netherlands

    We are happy you’ve come to Howtotalk for practical parenting tips, tricks, and tools and look forward to bringing you the app in English!

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